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December 31st, 2007

CellFeast Superfoods: Wheat Grass & Broccoli Sprout Juice

PLEASE NOTE: Cellfeast is not available for sale at this time.  The current information on our website reflects our earlier efforts to bring the benefits of certain juices to consumers, and while it may be interesting and informative, we are no longer able to offer fresh bottled juice products. Please bear with us as we update our website, legal, production and sales processes to reflect our new approach. Our new product will be available as soon as required regulatory permissions are obtained. (Wish us luck with that :-} . . . and we hope you come back to check on our progress from time to time).

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Our product is a remarkably convenient way to bolster your health (Energy – Vitality – Well Being & Longevity) with the green food energy your body desires and deserves everyday for optimal functioning:

Holding Cell Feast bottle between fingers

CellFeast ‘Baby Broccoli Juice’ and ‘Baby Wheatgrass Juice’ are a natural approach to:

Cellular Maintenance & Regeneration Basically: Energy – Vitality – Well Being & Longevity

Cellular Maintenance & Regeneration is a journey that we believe begins with highly mineralized, natural organic foods, consumed on an ongoing basis, with the realization that it takes time to naturally undo the damage done by years and perhaps even decades of consuming less than optimal foods.

We invite you to discover more about CellFeast and our approach to “Optimal Nutrition” here, but basically, we can sum summarize with a statement made by Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel prizes and the father of Orthomolecular medicine, who said: “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” We believe the statement to be correct.

In terms of our health, we are at the beginning of a fascinating new direction. Our understanding of how things work on a molecular level is in it’s infancy. But, logic and an ocean of real and anecdotal evidence strongly suggest that a variety of sufficiently mineralized natural organic food, may well be the single biggest factor in a persons maintenance of good health. Without the required supply of minerals, each in balance with each other, and in a form that can be assimilated, life cannot exist. And certainly no vitamin or medical substance can truly do its work if there are not the basic building blocks for the billions and trillions of different cells that make up the physical body. Minerals cannot be created by living creatures and no living creature can exist without them. Minerals are at the absolute core of physical life.

It is astonishing how cells grow and replace themselves over time. The ingenious DNA code that shapes our individual lives is itself somewhat elastic and adaptable, but it cannot work around a chronic shortage of something that it really needs indefinitely. It is only logical that eventually something or many things stop working as well as they could.

It is equally astonishing to observe cellular ability to recover from illness and injury under the right conditions. In fact, astonishing things abound, like the similarities between pure ocean water, blood, and chlorophyll, the “blood” of plants. Or the miraculous ability of plants to add a carbon atom to the minerals they extract from the earth, therefore packaging them (the minerals) in a form that we can easily assimilate, process and utilize for our cellular maintenance, repair and regeneration.

We invite you to explore our website and the logic and simplicity behind CellFeast Superfoods. We encourage you to support us and try our products if you live in an area that we serve, and of course, also to follow our progress and hopefully the adoption of CellFeast by lots of smart, concerned and logical people who realize that as a society, we’re actually starving ourselves in a sea of plenty. If you are not in a GTA Toronto area that we serve, then please click here,  because we are working on a solution.

In the meantime, we hope to engage you in a new kind of thinking about your own Cellular Repair, Maintenance & Regeneration Program, and hopefully one day soon, you’ll be able to give us a try . . . and . . . well, maybe you’ll even make CellFeast a part of your daily routine too.


The CellFeast Team.